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  • What To Do About Attention-Seeking Kids

    Mother Nature does her best to make sure both plants and our little ones get what they need. Little children are designed to get adult attention. Watch what happens when adults meet the new baby in the family. His little face and cute little fingers and toes make adults fuss over him and even compete to hold him.

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  • Handling an Attention-Seeking Child - FamilyEducation

    When you give your children attention and approval for being well behaved, they are getting positive attention. Positive attention means catching children being good. Focus on positive behavior. Positive attention can be words of praise or encouragement, closeness, hugs, or a pat on the back. A pleasant note in your child's lunch box works well.

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  • 10 Strategies to Deal with Challenging and Attention ...

    If they are seeking attention, teach them to ask you for a hug, help, or a turn playing with you. If he wants an item, teach him to ask nicely. Remember to praise him for asking you for attention or items appropriately, even when it may not be the best time (e.g., Great job asking nicely. Mom is on the phone right now.

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  • Attention-Seeking Behavior in Young Children: Do’s and Don ...

    While it is completely understandable, make no mistake about it: your child is taking mental notes each time you give in to their demands. This fuels them for the next time they want something, and they will double their attention-seeking efforts to get it. Give your child attention. Lastly, make sure you are giving your child attention. This doesn’t mean meeting all of your child’s demands at every turn, but rather being mindful of engaging with them in a consistent and loving manner ...

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  • Attention Seeking Behavior and Managing Emotions in Children

    Attention seeking behavior in kids can be exhausting for parents. Read on for some common problems and ways to help managing emotions in children. Stop the Show: Putting a Lid on Your Child’s Attention-seeking Behavior

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  • Positive Discipline for Attention Seeking Behaviors

    When looking more closely at attention seeking behaviors, there are a couple of issues going on. I’ll address them one at a time. Negative attention is better than no attention. If your child wants your attention, he or she knows how to get it. First your child might, just might try a positive behavior to get your attention.

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