In Bojonawi there are few frog species due to the heat and lack of water. One of the most common tree frogs is this milky frog. The milk. This milk frog was found in the forests near Tarapoto, Peru. Shortly after beginning to photograph this frog, I had an unfortunate encounter with. Combination: Trachycephalus venulosus. Rana vesicaria Fermin, ; Rana venulosa Laurenti, ; Hyla viridi-fusca Laurenti, ; Hyla.


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Threats [top] Major Threat s: There are no major threats, this is a widespread species with large areas of suitable habitat remaining.

And so I learned the hard way, that milk frogs are named trachycephalus venulosus their thick, sticky trachycephalus venulosus secretion.

Trying to wash it off with water only makes things worse i. I looked for information about the chemical attributes of this substance, but came up with nothing.

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I know what some of trachycephalus venulosus are thinking trachycephalus venulosus where are the photos of the frog in your messy hands? Trust me when I say this, it is impossible to do anything while dealing with this gluey secretion, let alone operating a camera.


trachycephalus venulosus I spent an trachycephalus venulosus and half in the bathroom sink obsessively trying to get rid of the stuff. Unless you have something to scrape your hands with, this is not a simple task.

Trachycephalus venulosus | Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project

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