The boy looked much the same as the other kids in his class. New faces arrived almost daily from far away places, so it wasn't his appearance that made him. : The Elders Are Watching: Card covers creased along spine ; A bright, solid book.; Color Illustrations; Oblong 8vo 8" to 9" tall; 57 pages; Beautiful. The elders are watching / Dave Bouchard, text ; Roy Henry Vickers, illustrations. View the summary of this work. Bookmark:


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The Elders Are Watching.

Unfortunately our group did not have enough time in our presentation to use this resource, however we found it to be very enlightening and thought provoking in regards to The elders are watching knowledges and how they are passed down from generation to generation.

This book can be found in libraries and online.

The elders are watching / Dave Bouchard, text ; Roy Henry Vickers, illustrations - Details - Trove

It is a significant the elders are watching of work which stands the test of time and transfers knowledge the elders are watching a simple yet elegant fashion. The role of Indigenous knowledges are very ingrained in this resource on many levels.

This story is a poem looking at how humans have been destroying and pillaging the Earth of its resources deforestation, mining, over-hunting, over-fishing, the destruction of animal habitats, and capitalism.

It describes how the Elders are watching this destruction with anger and despair, yet they have the hope that humans can adjust their ways to fix the wrongs done to the land.


It is the elders hope that humans can see the beauty and necessity of nature. When humans realize this necessity they will protect and fight for the land on which they reside.

This book touches on many themes intertwined in Indigenous ways of knowing. The author and artist take a holistic perspective, that is spiritually driven that values the land and the elders are watching with the utmost respect.

The authors also the elders are watching the importance of elders in the transference of knowledge and how the impact of elders carries on well after their lives have ended.

The Elders Are Watching- Summary by Aaron Singh | Saytk'ilhl Wo'osim'

There is the hope that humans will see the negative impact of their actions on the land and that we will stand up and change the elders are watching attitudes about the land. This book leaves the reader with a sense that we can create a significant change if we put our minds to it and value the teachings we have learned from our elders.

There are a great deal of benefits to using this resource in your practice.


We are all so focused on our wants that we have forgotten to nurture the very thing that gives us all life. This resource is very simple and the language is very clear.

Students of all ages will be able to the elders are watching the messages contained in this book and be able to put the concepts they learn in this book into action.

The Elders are Watching - David Bouchard, Roy Henry Vickers - Google книги

Another wonderful component of this book is the magnificent artistry in the pieces painted by Roy Vickers. His paintings on their own can have a big impact on the elders are watching audience. The scenery he creates is beautiful and entices the viewer to really look deeper within the images.

Even though elders come and go into this world their messages and stories can stay alive through the next generations.

The Elders Are Watching- Summary by Aaron Singh

This book incorporates intergenerational ways of knowing in a very subtle but effective manner. This book can be used for a number of different the elders are watching and lessons, which could be seen as a challenge in that it might be difficult to pick the activity you would like to use in relation to this book.


You could create an art activity, a poetry activity, a social studies activity or the elders are watching a science activity about conservation, the options are almost limitless. This challenge could also be viewed as another benefit in that this book allows teachers many different interpretations and avenues to teach very valuable lessons to their class.

The Elders Are Watching

I as a teacher have used this resource on multiple occasions and have done very different lessons using this same book. To me this is the sign of an excellent resource, in that in can be used with a wide variety of age groups and can be used in many different ways.

One of the other difficulties of this resource is that the ancestry of Dave and Roy are not discussed in the introduction of the book. It is the elders are watching how this collaboration between these two unique individuals actually transpired the elders are watching leaves us questioning the true place they are coming from.

Also the place which this book takes place is very generalized and lacks any clear focus.