Working alongside civil engineers, structural engineers, architects and surveyors, they use their technical skills and managerial prowess to make sure that building sites are fit for purpose. The role of a site engineer combines technical responsibilities with project management. A site engineer offers advice in the planning, co-ordination and supervision of technical aspects of construction projects. A site engineer's role is vital to a construction project: they have a number of responsibilities including solving technical issues, providing advice, management and preparing reports. What is a Site Engineer? Find out everything you need to know about the job of a Site Engineer in construction, including duties, skills and qualifications needed.


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You can also enter this line of work via an apprenticeship.

However, you will need to climb the career ladder from a low-level technician role before you can become a full-on site engineer. If your first degree is not accredited by one of the professional bodies mentioned site engineer responsibilities, you can always do a postgraduate conversion course.

Site engineer job description

Send the requisition to purchase department on time. In a company, it requires some time to be approved the purchase requisition. There are some formalities.

So, make site engineer responsibilities you maintain lead time for the material delivery. You need to ensure the quality of delivered materials.

Search this blog to find those posts. After receiving materials in the project, just check the quality of those materials.

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Ensuring Quality of Work Site engineer responsibilities there are supervisors in a building construction project for supervising the work-quality, it is your responsibility to ensure the quality of works.

Motivate them to maintain the quality of works. Site engineers provide technical advice about, plan, organise and supervise construction projects.

Some weekend working may be necessary to meet deadlines. Part-time work or career breaks may be possible in some organisations.

Site engineer: job description

What to expect You'll be both site engineer responsibilities site and office based. If technical or any other problems crop up, it is up to the site engineer to resolve them. For many site engineers, the most satisfying aspect is seeing a project successfully reach completion.


You are only as good site engineer responsibilities the team around you. So treat your workforce fairly, and they will give you back the extra effort you sometimes need.

Site Engineer job description - JobisJob United States

Treat your client with respect site engineer responsibilities you will gain respect. If you can overcome problems proactively, and stay positive, even if things go wrong, you will look back on your achievements with great satisfaction.

Hours and conditions Conditions and working environment can vary hugely between projects. The work can be stressful, and the hours long and unsociable.