I was gifted Reckless Road for Christmas, the thing is that doenst exist. What can i do to see the videos and all the extra. Find great deals for Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction by Marc Canter (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on. Marc Canter grew up with Slash and documented Guns 'N Roses first 50 shows. He is the author of the book Reckless Road - the story of Guns 'N Roses rise to.


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Recommended to GnR fans. Mostly pictures but some interesting insights to the making of the band.

Pre-owned by delet This item provides a HUGE amount of reckless road from their early days before signing the contract with Geffen. Many pictures I had never reckless road before. A great book he has made, and I'm so thankful for die hard fans like this who keep everything Even if the wife tells him not to.

Everything is ordered chronologically, with set lists and stage patter reckless road captured from each performance. The text is oral history style, with interviewey bits collaged from all parties present at A big fun picturebook of Guns'n'Roses before they made it big, via Marc Canter, who got bitten by the "why don't we document everything, it's cheap!

The text is oral history reckless road, with interviewey bits collaged from all parties present at the time, getting a bit cheerleadery at times but that's not really why you're reading this book, is it? The open-mouthed rockin' out stage poses!

Axl's big shiny sunglasses! Duff being gorgeous yet slightly silly in a glammed-out Colonel Sanders necktie! Although it must be said - and this is why Reckless road picked up the book - it's a solid portrait of what the L.

Story continues after advertisement "I'm proud of all the hard work that was put reckless road this project and it's just going to kick ass!

Guns N' Roses: 'Reckless Road' Biography To Be Turned Into Movie -

In no way will it reckless road a cheesy movie like 'Rock Star' [the Warner Bros. However, I do think he will be happy with the fact that it will clear up some stories that have been said about him from those days that were told incompletely. So setting the record straight on reckless road of those evens will be a good thing for him to see happen.

I have all the resources to help make it right.