Click to see the FREE shipping offers and dollar off coupons we found with our price comparison for Psychology A Concise Introduction. 6 Sensory Memory Consists of a set of five registers (temporary storage places, one from each sense) for incoming sensory information from the physical. Psychology: A Concise Introduction explores the broad territory of the introductory psychology course while answering the growing need for a shorter, less.


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If someone tells you that they can read minds then they are lying, deluded or both.

Psychology a concise introduction fact the complexities of your own mind are so great that you can't even read it that well yourself. We may not be able to read minds but we can certainly study how the mind works and influences the world around us. The truth is far more exciting than the fiction.


Psychology is the scientific study of mind and experience; we leave the myth-making and psychobabble to entertainers. Psychology, we believe, is an amazing subject. Whether you want to know if a baby smiles because it recognises its mother, or how a cricketer manages to strike a ball with his bat, psychology psychology a concise introduction you a way of exploring these questions.


Studying psychology will encourage you to challenge the way you think about yourself and your place in the world. Our text is aimed at A level students and first year undergraduates.

We do not assume too much prior knowledge of the subject.

Nevertheless, our philosophy in writing the book is that you are introduced to some of the big questions in psychology. These are questions like: And why am I here?

  • Psychology: A Concise Introduction by Richard A. Griggs
  • Psychology A Concise Introduction 4E: RICHARD A GRIGGS: : Books
  • Psychology : A Concise Introduction by Richard A. Griggs (2014, Paperback, Revised)
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And why do I feel annoyed when Nottingham Forest loses a game? From big questions to small questions there is so much we don't know about the way that people tick. To be a psychologist is psychology a concise introduction be an explorer, discovering new information to help those that follow.

Memory Psychology: A Concise Introduction 2nd Edition Richard Griggs

Psychology a concise introduction invite you to join us on this big adventure. Various things hit our senses: We detect these changes in the environment, but the psychological miracle is that our brain processes the information our senses detect to produce the fantastic images and sounds that we perceive.

If you have studied biology at school you'll probably know that we detect light on the flat screen of our retinas at the back of our eyes, but had you wondered how we manage to see psychology a concise introduction 3D?

Our brains turn that flat image into the 3D world we experience.

Memory Psychology: A Concise Introduction 2nd Edition Richard Griggs - ppt video online download

Our brains are sophisticated perceptual detectives. They take in a range of sensory cues to generate a plausible account of the psychology a concise introduction we experience — the perceived 3D world we are all familiar with.

When you read this book you'll find it full of the information that you might expect in a textbook, but try to keep these bigger questions in mind. The way that we experience the world, interact with people, problem solve and reflect on our own behaviour is a psychology a concise introduction that psychology is only just starting to explore.

The Text The text is designed around the six areas that make up the core of any undergraduate curriculum in the UK.

Psychology : a concise introduction

We start with the difficult stuff, psychology a concise introduction comprises the areas commonly referred to as CHIPS by psychologists conceptual and historical issues in psychology.

Our journey begins with an evolutionary explanation to questions about how we came to be as we are in Chapter 1. This stretches from the cave to the computer and we consider one possible future for human evolution.

We go on in Chapters 2 and 3 to look at the history of psychology psychology a concise introduction the modern ways that we describe what it means to be alive, to be conscious.