Reaction of cisbutene with methyl glyoxylate for 60 h at °C gives a .. The exact mechanism of the Perkow reaction has been controversial and is not. phite to afford either the product of the Perkow reaction or the corresponding 4-ethoxyquinolin-2(1H)-one. In both reactions, the. The Perkow reaction is an organic reaction in which a trialkyl phosphite ester reacts with a haloketone to form a dialkyl vinyl phosphate and an alkyl halide. The Perkow reaction, in this respect is considered a side-reaction.


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Both compounds possess a rigid phenyl substituent at C In perkow reaction case of 5b and 6b, the triethyl phosphite nucleophile attacks the more reactive carbonyl carbon in the ester group, because this reaction site is less shielded than in 4, 5a and 6a.

An analogous mechanism featuring fluoride anion as a leaving group was proposed previously for the reaction of perfluorinated aliphatic ketones with trialkyl phosphites.

In fact, the reactions reached an almost complete conversions of the starting acyloxy compounds 4—6 after 2—26 hours, and the perkow reaction products 8 or 9 were the major or exclusive compounds in the reaction mixtures according to TLC analyses.

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The structure of phosphorous acid and its organic derivatives had perkow reaction been established at that time. Perkow reaction few scientists considered that the acid had a symmetrical structure and related it to the derivatives of trivalent phosphorus, i.


On the basis of their perkow reaction others thought that this acid was constructed asymmetrically and should be classed with the derivatives of pentavalent phosphorus, i.

He used an original method in the synthesis: This method ensured the success of the work. He carried out his experimental work with exceptional care and was extremely exacting perkow reaction regards the results obtained. Thinking about the problem of how to elucidate the structure, Arbuzov recalled: Then, I thought the complex picture obtained in the case of organophosphorus compounds could be resolved quite easily.

Inspired with this thought I went into the laboratory at 1 o'clock in the morning and began to look for compounds capable of giving characteristic crystalline derivatives of trivalent phosphorus.

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For more than two hours I tried to find inorganic salts which according to my ideas could give crystalline compounds with the tri phenyl phosphite which I had prepared.

All perkow reaction attempts were, perkow reaction, unsuccessful. The substances expected were either not obtained at all or were formed as thick, non-crystallising syrups…The following morning the same chaotic picture met my eyes.

Reaction mechanism[ edit ] The reaction mechanism of the Perkow reaction consists of a nucleophilic addition of the phosphite at the carbonyl carbon forming a zwitterionic intermediate.

Arbuzov reaction - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The zwitterionic intermediate rearranges to a cationic species while eliminating the halide. The cationic species then dealkylates through a second nucleophilic displacement in which the perkow reaction anion attacks one of the phosphite alkoxide substituents forming an enol phosphate.

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