This document is intended for use by authorized NOKIA service centers only. Version: | | N97/RM/RM | Board version: _07a | Front. View and Download Nokia N97 user manual online. N97 Cell Phone pdf manual download. We almost forget that we already wrote about Nokia N97 but in its mini Go to page of the User Guide PDF of N97 and you can find a.


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Nokia N97 mini User Manual (English)

Just see the image above for brief overview about this. If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia N97 mini Specifications Nokia N97 officially released in the middle on November two years ago We almost pdf nokia n97 about the 3.

Maps of the UK and Ireland are pdf nokia n97 though you can update these if you're heading abroad. The A-GPS system was remarkably fast to lock onto satellites and determine our precise position, even in places without particularly a good view of the sky and from our office.


It responded quickly to changing positions, and the pdf nokia n97 compass feature mean the map view you get can switch orientation quickly to reflect where you're looking as you alter your position. This version of Nokia's Maps software has been upgraded for toucscreen usability and, with mapping information pre-loaded, responds quickly when reloading.

Nokia N97 mini

The quality of the mapping is excellent, and searches worked effectively and quickly, pdf nokia n97 routes appeared to be efficiently planned for walking or driving. Maps can be viewed in 2D, 3D or satellite images can be used.


In addition to the useful standard Maps facilities, full satellite navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance is possible, too - though this pdf nokia n97 initially only offered as a day trial, after which you can subscribe to the sat nav service on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Additional licences can be bought to enhance the service further, including city guides and live travel information.

Nokia N97 mini User Manual (English) | BoeBoer

Among the other additional tools and applications are a Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot access application and JoikuSpot tethering software and Vlingo voice operation software for controlling the phone. An over pdf nokia n97 air software auto update app is also included.

There are plenty of other bits of functionality to be found elsewhere too. A remote locking facility, for instance, enables you to lock the handset if pdf nokia n97 goes missing by sending a pre-determined text message to the phone.

A turning control sensor function also enables you to silence incoming calls or send alarms to snooze by just turning over the phone. It's worth exploring the menus, pdf nokia n97 the supplied manual certainly doesn't cover it all.