Pakatan Harapan Days Manifesto. Graded Performance Pakatan Harapan has kept its promise to abolish GST. Well done, Pakatan! But we have yet to. The prime minister said that the government will take more than days to fulfil all the. Opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan tonight unveiled its manifesto, ahead of the 14th general election. Among others, the page.


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As such, the most effective solution is to cut operating expenses.

Pakatan Harapan - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, PH does not seem to have such a plan, and has made no mention of manpower cut. Revoking GST is a good thing, but there pakatan rakyat manifesto be some practical solutions to ensure smooth transition to the age of "zero GST".

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PH pledges to provide fuel subsidies to the needy groups in a bid to reduce the financial burden of low-income families. BN has earlier proposed a fuel subsidy system but has to drop it due to presence of loopholes.

PH has proposed to provide petrol subsidies for motorcycles under cc and cars under 1,cc, as well as a subsidy mechanism based on MyKad Malaysia's national identification card information. But these are subject pakatan rakyat manifesto abuse and some may even sell subsidised fuel or MyKad information for a pakatan rakyat manifesto.

It is not wrong for PH to boost the rakyat's the ordinary people's income from the RM1, minimum wage to RM1, within five years.

Even though the PH government will pakatan rakyat manifesto RM, the additional RM will be borne by the employers, and this is going to be a substantial burden for them.

For instance, even as former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad once dismissed BR1M 1Malaysia People's Aid - a scheme of the current government to ease the burden of lower income groups in Malaysia as bribery, the same has been retained by PH for the sake of votes.

pakatan rakyat manifesto

A closer look at Pakatan Harapan's manifesto: Sin Chew Daily columnist

Pakatan rakyat manifesto subsidies include RM basic medical allowances for the B40 group bottom 40 per centRM cash payout for senior citizens above 60 years of age, and cost of living subsidies pakatan rakyat manifesto public university students from low-income families.

In addition, PH's election manifesto is widely perceived as trying to please the voters, including generous measures for youngsters, Felda Federal Land Development Authority settlers, women, senior citizens, Chinese and East Malaysian people.

Of course, the Malay agenda is very much on the mind of PH, including increased bumiputra equity. That makes it not much different from BN's fiscal budget.

Pakatan Harapan

And it appears to many that PH is still very much hooked on to BN's generous payout policy. While Pakatan rakyat manifesto has offered some economic stimulus plans, it fails to review the racial policy. It touches on enhancing the role and powers of local governments but nothing has been said of restoring local government elections.


Despite all these shortcomings, the PH election manifesto nevertheless does have its farsighted and positive aspects, including its pledge to carry out systematic reforms, restoring the dignity of national institutions, limiting the term of prime minister, restructuring the pakatan rakyat manifesto minster's department, reform the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission MACCseparating the offices of chief prosecutor and attorney-general, reforming the electoral system, restoring Malaysians's faith in the judiciary, restoring the pakatan rakyat manifesto spirit and abolition of draconian laws.

Pakatan Harapan Recognise UEC for Chinese independent school students to enter public institutions of higher learning. Applicant requires a minimum of credit in SPM Malay paper Institutionalise allocation to Chinese primary schools and Chinese independent schools Education Barisan Nasional Pakatan rakyat manifesto card for students to reduce financial burden on transport, government services and purchase of learning items Wi-Fi speed in public universities to increase to Gbps 5 million students to be equipped with digital technology for Industrial revolution 4.


Ensure government-link companies to increase scholarships for B40 and M40 groups Abolish Universities and University Colleges Actensure quality of pakatan rakyat manifesto, freedom of speech, freedom of association and autonomy in higher institutions of learning.