New Oxford Modern En - by Nicholas Hor LKR New Oxford Modern En - by Nicholas Hor LKR Oxford Reading Circl - by Nicholas Hor. : Oxford Reading Circle Class 6 and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. Oxford Reading Circle – Lesson No. 5 (Part 2), 6, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 19; Grammar: Focus on language Pages of Unit 1 – 20 from English At Work, Student's Work.


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The Primer and Books 1 and 2 contain drills that aid pronunciation and spelling.


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Oxford Reading Circle Book 6: Nicholas Horsburgh: : Books

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Printed in Pakistan atKarachi. BoxKarachi, Pakistan.

New Oxford Reading Circle Book 6

It provides, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, suggestions for how the various points of reading covered can be taught. It also contains suggestions on how the illustrations and texts can be used to develop language by relating the content to the students own wider experiences and by encouraging them to predict outcomes in the light of what they can see or what they have already read.

There are also some supplementary activities and games to reinforce the teaching in a less formal way. The Guide supplies answers for the Exercises sections of the student book where appropriate, recognising that there are not always right or wrong answers and any valid contribution oxford reading circle 6 a student must be welcomed, and a variety oxford reading circle 6 responses should be encouraged.


For this reason, although the Guide can be used as a step-by-step lesson plan, it is in oxford reading circle 6 way prescriptive, and not all teaching steps have to be followed, but I hope that every teacher will find something that can be used to promote their students learning of English and in some way help with their lesson preparation.

The Donkey 1 2.

On Another s Sorrow 2 3. The Tunnel 3 4. The Flying Trunk 4 5.

Arun Deep's Self Help To New Oxford Reading Circle for Class 6

By this stage it is important to encourage students to give precise textual references when answering any comprehension oxford reading circle 6 on the text.

Chapter 1 The Donkey 1. Ask the students what they know about donkeys and how they are used in Pakistan. Ask students if they have ever been to a circus and if so, what they saw there.

Arun Deep's Self Help To New Oxford Reading Circle for Class 6

Teach the new words. Read the text to circus tent. Look at the second paragraph; what words or phrases tell us that the circus was oxford reading circle 6 popular? Look at paragraph 3. How does the author show us how the scene looked from a child s viewpoint? In particular why is there an emphasis on legs?

Oxford New Oxford Reading Circle Book 6 - Schoolse-Shopping

The children can only see legs and do not know to whom they belong. Why is the donkey a wonder? Read the text to he was lost. Emphasize how many times each day the donkey was patted.


Talk about the different things that were revealed by the way the people patted the donkey. Discuss the various ways in which the donkey reacts to the patting.