Anotace textu normy ASTM C33/C33M This specification defines the requirements for grading and quality of fine and coarse aggregate for use in concrete. On Aggregate Grading, 57 and 8 per ASTM C33) and fine aggregate by volume, 57, or 67), intermediate Norma Astm (C) Para Gravas - Documents. Is ASTM C33 The Right Sand for My, specific ASTM guidelines for concrete aggregates and/or the ASTM C 33 NORMA, close user settings menu Options.


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The articles center on materials characterization, extraction, processing, corrosion, welding, solidification, and method development.

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  • Norma ASTM C33/C33M
  • 236549794 ASTM C33 Standard Specification for Conc Aggregates
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The alkali content of the portland cement should be at norma astm c33 0. Combinations of aggregate and cementitious materials that have produced excessive expansions in this test method should be considered potentially reactive.

Norma ASTM C33/C33Me1

Expansions greater than 0. Data for the 3-month tests should be considered only when 6-month results are not available. The limits may not be conservative for slowly reactive aggregates.

When evaluating aggregates independently, those with expansions equal to or greater than 0. This test method is considered to norma astm c33 the most reliable procedure among ASTM Test Methods for the evaluation of aggregates for alkali-silica reaction.

ASTM C33/C33Ma Especificación Normalizada para Agregados para Concreto

In general, expansions less than 0. Similarly, if the aggregate has a long satisfactory service record with similar cementitious materials having similar or higher alkali levels, no mitigation is necessary.


On the other hand, use of aggregates judged to be potentially deleteriously alkali-silica reactive should be considered with the use of measures known to prevent excessive expansion. These include measures such as: Fine aggregate shall consist norma astm c33 natural sand, norma astm c33 sand, or a combination thereof.

Fine aggregate shall be free of injurious amounts of organic impurities.

ASTM C33 Standard Specification for Conc Aggregates - PDF Free Download

Fine aggregate for use in concrete norma astm c33 will be subject to wetting, norma astm c33 exposure to humid atmosphere, or contact with moist ground shall not contain any materials that are deleteriously reactive with the alkalis in the cement in amount sufficient to cause excessive expansion of mortar or concrete.

If none is stated, either sodium sulfateor magnesium sufate shall be used, and4. If none is stated, either sodium sulfate ormagnesium sulfate shall be used. If none is stated, either sodium sulfateor magnesium sulfate shall be used, and4.

Concrete subject to abrasion 3.


Where surface appearance of concreteis of importance0. It is recognized that, for certain work or in certain regions, it may be either more or less restrictive than needed.

For example, where aesthetics norma astm c33 important, more restrictive limits may be considered regarding impurities that would stain the concrete surface. The specifier should ascertain that aggregates specified are or can be made available in the area of the work, with regard to grading, norma astm c33, or chemical properties, or combination thereof.