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The project is the final task, and is the most complex one cognitively.

حلول تمارين الكتاب المدرسي - منتديات التعليم نت

It requires the application of both types of cognitive skills described above; and the textbook offers plenty of opportunities to students to reach the objectives of the project. Getting Through encourages cooperative learning.


Following the Vygotskyan principle of social constructive learning, the textbook offers tasks 8 and activities that encourage the learner to work with one or several partners pair and small group-work in order to construct new knowledge inside or outside the classroom. The project should be emphasized here.

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It is one of the undertakings that will promote learning skills and will help students to develop such social skills as designing an action plan, collecting information, sharing information … The project work can take the form of a few basic tasks which will grow into an accomplished livre danglais 1 as algerie finalised product for example, a biography, a poem, a scenario, a legal document, etc.

Getting Through encourages learner reflection through individual works.

Tasks and activities are designed to livre danglais 1 as algerie students work individually so as to work out solutions by themselves before sharing them with a partner or with the group, and finally checking their findings with the teacher. Getting Through integrates grammar learning: This is intended to help them improve on spoken and written production.


Getting Through aims at promoting self-assessment: This rubric; therefore, helps the learner to be self-critical and also to stimulate self-improvement.

Students doing a group activity can also use self-assessment grids; this will help them set standards for themselves by comparing their own self-assessment with that of their peers. Getting Through uses authentic material. How to livre danglais 1 as algerie the most of the book?

Whilst the learner is at the centre of our pedagogic framework, we assume that the teacher will be fully committed, and will provide the necessary guidance for the successful performance of the tasks and livre danglais 1 as algerie done by the learner.

This is the pre-requisite for the final task at the end of each of the units; i.


The teachers are prompted to use the textbook selectively. As said earlier, the students they teach have selected a stream of studies with major and minor subjects. Teachers will adjust their classes in accordance with the appropriate stream.

It is up to the teachers, therefore, to lay the emphasis on the areas of livre danglais 1 as algerie required by the class in the units they approach.

In this line of thought, they can bring to the class additional material in terms of texts or audio tapes to follow up with the particular topics dealt with. But before approaching each, the learner will consider a Time to think section, which introduces the new vocabulary that will be used.

اللغة الانجليزية سنة 1 متوسط

It also aims to brainstorm students and get them to tell what they know about a specific topic. This is an important part of schemata activatum in which the learners contribute their own knowledge and connects it with that contained in the text.

It aims at engaging learners to do various reading tasks, all revolving livre danglais 1 as algerie the main expository text.