Part ofKS2 History. The Greeks loved sport and the Olympic Games were the biggest sporting event in the ancient calendar. The Olympic Games began over. HISTORY OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES including Greek athletics, Olympic games, A five-day event, The other Greek games, The end of a tradition. Although the ancient Games were staged in Olympia, Greece, from BC through AD, it took years for the Olympics to return. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in The man responsible for its rebirth was a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who presented the idea in


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The ancient games were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were held on the plains of Olympia in the western part of the Peloponnese.

The Winter Games were held in and again in history olympic games thereafter every four years; the Summer Games maintained their original four-year cycle. The maximum number of entries permitted for individual events is three per country.

The History of the Olympic Games

The number is fixed but can be varied by the IOC in consultation with the international federation concerned. In most team events only one team per country is allowed. In general, an NOC may enter only a citizen of the country concerned.

The Games are contests between individuals and not between countries. history olympic games

Olympic Games - Wikipedia

The Summer Olympic program includes the following sports: Women participate in all these sports, whereas men do not compete in synchronized swimming history olympic games rhythmic gymnastics.

The Winter Olympic program includes sports played on snow or ice: Athletes of either gender may compete in all these sports.

history olympic games An Olympic program must include national exhibitions and demonstrations of fine history olympic games architecture, literature, music, painting, sculpture, photography, and sports philately.

The particular events included in the different sports are a matter for agreement between the IOC and the international federations. In the IOC reviewed the summer sports program, and members voted to drop baseball and softball from the Games.

The allegations also served to sour many IOC members against Sion's bid and potentially helped Turin to capture the host city nomination.

Olympic Games | History, Locations, & Winners |

It was not until the retirement of IOC president Avery Brundageinthat the IOC began to explore the potential of the television medium and the lucrative advertising markets available to them. The Summer Olympics in Berlin were the first Games to be broadcast on television, though only to local audiences.

Superpowers jockeyed for political supremacy, and history olympic games IOC history olympic games to take advantage of this heightened interest via the broadcast medium. This cycle allowed the IOC to charge ever-increasing fees for those rights.

How did the Olympic Games begin?

This was due to the use of satellites to broadcast history olympic games television worldwide inand the introduction of colour television in Television companies were still relying on tape-delayed content, which was becoming outdated in the information era. At the Summer Games, the gymnastics competition was expanded from seven to nine nights, and a Champions Gala was history olympic games to draw greater interest.

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The argument is that the Games have become history olympic games from any other commercialised sporting spectacle. The cities were awash in corporations and merchants attempting to sell Olympic-related wares.

By the 5th century BC there history olympic games Pythian games every four years at Delphi, Isthmian games every two years near Corinth and Nemean games, also every two years and also in the Peloponnese.


All these events are purely for honour's sake. Only Greeks may compete.

But gradually professionalism enters the games, leading to valuable prizes and accusations of corruption. The best-known example of drug use is the East German sports federation, which had a history olympic games program for giving its athletes steroids from to