Her Majesty's wizard by Christopher Stasheff; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Wizards, American Fantasy fiction, Fiction, Protected. A Wizard in Rhyme is a fantasy series by Christopher Stasheff, combining Medieval Her Majesty's Wizard ; The Oathbound Wizard ; The Witch. LibraryThing Review. User Review - humouress - LibraryThing. Set in an alternative universe where Remus founded the city instead of Romulus, magic is real.


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Her Majesty's Wizard by Christopher Stasheff |

See if you have enough points for this item. So he read the runes - and found himself on a world where reciting poetry verses worked magic.

Then he learned that his job as wizard was to fix it so the three of them could overcome all the dark magic and armies of Malingo! Matt figured he had got himself into quite a her majestys wizard.

France When introduced in Book 1, it was ruled by recent usurper Astaulf, who shared power with his sorcerer-henchman Malingo. Merovence was, at the time, the last bastion of morality and Christianity within Europe, as her majestys wizard rightful ruler, the uncrowned Princess Alisande, was still devoted to good.

Its patron saint, Saint Moncaire, took action to save it from destruction: Please add all new character tropes to the Character Sheet.

Her Majesty's Wizard (A Wizard in Rhyme): Christopher Stasheff: : Books

Tropes displayed in this series include Acrophobic Bird: Stegoman, the dragon, who is afraid of heights. Alisande for starters; more later.


Astaulf, tall as he is. A Day in the Limelight: After Matthew disappears from our world, his friend Saul Bremener tries to figure out where he went. He travels to Merovence just in time to be the star her majestys wizard the third book, and becomes the series' only her majestys wizard narrator.

And her majestys wizard, any book that has a character reciting Shakespeare to do magic her majestys wizard points in my book. I also liked the books dealing with morality. In a parody of the genre almost, there is no middle ground, just evil and good, and the novel delights in this polarization, and the main character must reconcile his 20th century sensibilities with this clear distinction.

Her Majesty’s Wizard

One small aspect I her majestys wizard irksome is how quickly the main character gets tossed into wonderland. It takes, what, four to five pages for the main character to be shuffled out from our world.

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her majestys wizard It's rather contrived, but I guess it get's us to the good stuff faster? All in all, it's a fast-paced entertaining read that I would enjoy reading again. My only criticism is that it seems so rushed.

her majestys wizard The description of the places, especially in the beginning, when they are being compared to historical places just seems to spurt out in a jumbled rushed mess.

Its as though Stasheff was running and out of breath trying to speak and deliver the lines as quickly and with as much detail as possible.