John Foxe's survey of Christian martyrs throughout history laid strong emphasis on those who had died for their faith during the reign of Queen Mary . The Project Gutenberg EBook of Fox's Book of Martyrs, by John Foxe This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. This is a book that will never die--one of the great English classics. almost no other reading matter except the Bible and Fox's Book of Martyrs, we can.


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Each edition changed significantly as Foxe sought to incorporate new material, answer his critics, and adjust its polemical force to the needs of the moment.

You can foxes book of martyrs and view modern transcriptions that keep as close as possible to the original texts.

Fox's Book of Martyrs

You can identify the individuals and places that are mentioned in the text. You can explore the foxes book of martyrs scholarship to understand the sources upon which it was based, and the purposes for which they were deployed. Facsimiles of all the woodcut illustrations in the text can be viewed along with commentaries.

Significant foxes book of martyrs in Latin and Greek are translated. TAMO is both an instrument of scholarship and a tool for anyone who wants to explore this remarkable work, a milestone in the history of the English printed book and a signal achievement of its printer, John Day.

Second edition[ edit ] The second edition appeared inmuch expanded.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs - Wikipedia

New material was available, including personal testimonies, [26] and publications such as the edition of Jean Crespin 's Geneva martyrology.

Harding, in the spirit of the age, called Acts and Monuments ' "that huge dunghill of your stinking martyrs," full of a thousand lies'. Where he could rebut the charges, "he mounted a vigorous counter-attack, seeking to crush his opponent under piles of documents.

The decision repaid the financial risks taken foxes book of martyrs Day.

Fox's Book of Martyrs

It seems safe to say that it is the largest and most complicated book to appear during the first two or three centuries of English printing history. Offered only two years after Foxe's foxes book of martyrs, it honoured his life and was a timely commemorative for the English victory against the Spanish Armada Based with greater or lesser degrees of exactitude on the original Acts and Monuments, yet influenced always by it, editors continued to tell its tale in both popular and academic venues although a different tale was told to each gathering.

Taking their material primarily from foxes book of martyrs final two books of Acts and Monuments that is, volume II of the editionthey generated derived texts that genuinely were "Book s of Martyrs".


Famous scenes from Acts and Monuments, in illustrated text, were revived for each foxes book of martyrs generation. The earliest printed book bearing the title Book of Martyrs, however, appears to be John Taylor's edition in While occurring again periodically, that title was not much in use beforeand not regularized as the title of choice before foxes book of martyrs The title, Foxe's Book of Martyrs where the author's name reads as if part of the title appears first in John Kennedy's edition, possibly as a printing error.

Characterized by some scholars as "Foxe's bastards", these Foxes book of martyrs texts have received attention as the medium through which Foxe and his ideas influenced popular consciousness.

Very little, still, is known about any of these editions. Detractors accused Foxe of dealing falsely with the evidence, of misusing documents, and of telling partial truths. In every case that he could clarify, Foxe corrected errors in the second edition and third and fourth, final version for him.

In the early nineteenth century the charges were taken up again by a number of authors, most importantly Samuel Roffey Maitland.