Free Flash CS3 Tutorial for Beginners - Lets learn some of the basic concepts of Flash by creating a simple animation of a train. The training is presented via narrated QuickTime videos which provide a visual approach and simplify even the most complex areas of learning Flash Cs3. Using Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional for Windows® and Mac OS. If this guide is Learning ActionScript in Adobe Flash describes the basic concepts of.


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Learn Adobe Flash Cs3 - Adobe Flash Cs3 tutorials

This Adobe Flash CS3 Training video utilizes an easy to follow training format that is both engaging and informative. Make it about by pixels. Remember that holding down Shift enables you to make a circle right away, and not an oval.


With the tool still selected, go to the Properites Inspector below flash tutorials cs3 for beginners stage and block the fill color. Select white for the outline color, with a thickness of 4. Do it outside the stage, because you are using white - to see what you are doing.

Select the lower half of it by clicking outside it with the Selection tool, dragging and releasing once you've encompassed the desired area. Press Delete or Backspace to erase the selected part. Move it over the red circle so that it appears as a sort of shine on it.

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You can move it by pressing and holding down Shift on your keyboard and using the arrow keys to move it around. For more precise movement, release Shift and use the arrows only. Name your new movieclip bulb. We later will come back to these.

Flash Cs3 video tutorials For Free

If you feel that display of timeline elements is too tiny, you can fix this with the time line options little pull-down menu in the upper flash tutorials cs3 for beginners. This menu also allows displaying a preview of the animation but that takes up space of course.

Time line options pulldown menu When you start drawing with Flash, everything is drawn by default into a first frame in layer 1. The default keyframe is frame 1 E. The first frame in the timeline will have a dot inside. So if you see a frame with ". The playhead showing the current frame the red rectangle sits on top of frame one.

There are other symbols that can appear in the timeline and we will introduce them later as we need these. We now will introduce three frame-by-frame animation examples.

Flash CS3 frame-by-frame animation tutorial

Alternatively, you also can first create so-called movie clip symbols and then edit these objects as described in the end of this article. The principle is quite simple: We will insert new letters in new keyframes. One could do flash tutorials cs3 for beginners by inserting "H" into keyframe 1, then add "E" to keyframe 2 etc.