The government requested the study to gather information and recommendations to prevent early marriage and teenage pregnancy and to. Lusaka - Zambia: First Lady Esther Lungu has observed that child marriage derails the development of every nation as it involves both girls and. Poor education is associated with the prevalence of child marriage in Zambia. 65% of women aged with no education and 58% with primary education were married or in union at age 18, compared to only 17% of women with secondary education or higher.


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And Ministry of Gender Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale says government is making tremendous efforts in ensuring that child marriage in Zambia is curbed by among others putting in place line ministries that have greatly contributed to fighting child marriages in the country.

She further disclosed early marriages in zambia the Zambian government has procured a K65 million loan from the World Bank which will see 75, women in the country will be empowered and 14, girls sent back to school.

In Central Province, Mkushi is one of the districts recording an increase in cases of child marriage, affecting both girls and boys.

This year, 33 girls, some of them as young as 13, have been withdrawn from marriages and taken back to school. This state of affairs has unsettled Mkushi district commissioner Luka Mwamba who wants a lasting solution to the problem. Mr Mwamba said parents early marriages in zambia realise that marrying underage children is wrong because they are not ready for the responsibilities of taking care of a spouse and child bearing.

Mkushi’s struggle with child marriages – Zambia Daily Mail

He says the practice of withdrawing girls from school in preference for marriage should not be condoned. To help address the issue, a United Nations Development Programme UNDP -led initiative is working with communities through three village-led One-Stop-Shops on Gender Based Violence GBV to raise the awareness of girls, parents, teachers, community leaders, the Police and early marriages in zambia about the health and rights implications of young girls getting into marriages.


Provided with bicycles, mobile phones and paralegal training, Agnes and her colleagues have set up neighbourhood watch committees, paralegal and counselling services, and a referral system for GBV cases. Early marriages in zambia are now the driving force behind a campaign to prevent child marriage, which has been a long-standing tradition in their community.


Fanny said a girl was almost married off by her parents at just 14 years old. With the girl's courage to report and protest against the attempted marriage, and the support of the One-Stop Shop, the young girl avoided that fate.

This report on child marriages should cause all well-meaning national institutions and ordinary Zambians to reflect that may be the nation is spending too much time and energy on illusive national problems and leaving the real critical issues facing the nation unattended. One arrives at this conclusion because what explanation can one give that Zambia can be faced with this critical problem of child marriage early marriages in zambia the majority of other African countries have found a solution including six of our neighbouring countries.

Surely what have these countries around us done to end this scourge which cannot be replicated in our country? Early marriages in zambia also hampers efforts to end poverty and achieve economic growth and equity.