Start studying American Pageant Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Chapter 33 and “FDR and the Shadow of War” and “America in World War II”. **You should be familiar with ALL the words on page of the PREP BOOK. New Deal: a form of legislation that would balance the national budget and attacked the Hooverian deficits that were created by their work and would be.


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Senator American pageant chapter 33 promised to help farmers and workers organize collectively to resist the power of corporations. Business and organized labor resisted regulation american pageant chapter 33 the agency.

The fair competition wages and maximum hours labor codes required too much self-sacrifice on the part of industry, labor, and the public Harold Ickes, the head of the agency, proved to be an incompetent administrator. The NRA failed to provide enough protection to enable organized labor to bargain fairly with management.

FDR took the dollar off the gold standard, ordered people to relinquish gold in exchange for paper money.

Ch 33 APUSH American Pageant

american pageant chapter 33 FDR wanted to create inflation a rise in prices. This would make it easier for debtors to pay off their debts since the money had less value and was thus easier to get. Those who'd given the loans were not happy to get back not-so-valuable money.


To create inflation, FDR ordered the Treasury to buy up gold at increasingly higher prices. This meant more paper money in circulation, which is less valuable than gold, and did cause inflation.

Critics said FDR was creating "baloney" money.

FDR did backtrack and, in american pageant chapter 33, put the U. One of his main weapons was to "prime the pump", or use federal money on programs in hopes that it would jump start the economy to run on its own. In american pageant chapter 33 CCC, young men were hired to work in the national forests.

They lived in camps like boy scouts and did things like clearing land, blazing trails, planting trees, draining swamps, etc. The CCC provided some experience, some adventure, and a wage to send home to the folks—things healthy young men couldn't turn down.

Chapter 33 - The Great Depression and the New Deal | CourseNotes

He proudly said they'd spend, tax, and get american pageant chapter 33 reelected. Others saw this scheme as simply taking one person's money in taxes and giving it to another person to buy his vote. Unemployment was a lingering problem. It was to provide temporary jobs to see folks through a short period winter.

Finding jobs was hard to do and many were just made-up american pageant chapter 33, called "boondoggling. Notably, the Great Migration was wrapping up at about this time. It's the massive movement by blacks from the rural South to the cities up North.

It roughly went on between and Catholic priest Father Charles Coughlin was one of the most persistent. He gave a regular radio address discussing "Social Justice.

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He eventually went overboard and was silenced by higher-up clergy. One of the more flamboyant critics was Sen. Huey Long of Louisiana. He ranted about a "Share the Wealth" plan and promised "every man a american pageant chapter 33. The mathematics of the scheme were silly.

Chapter 33 - The Great Depression and the New Deal

Long got passionate responses. Many down-and-out folks loved him. Many despised him and feared he might become some type of dictator. One person assassinated him, in